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Challenge of Da Yoop

Challenge Of Da Yoop is a 10 section cycling course that covers over 1,200 miles around the outskirts of
Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Ride any of the sections August 15-24, 2019 while Race Around Da Yoop is on-going.
Each section offers riders beautiful views and exciting challenges, averaging about 110 miles per section.

Simply pick the sections/dates that fit your schedule best.

Join the group at any section you want, ride as many sections as you want.

We challenge you to complete all 10 sections, over any amount of time.

On some sections of the course you’ll see more wildlife than cars.

This is a Self Guided Ride

We have mapped out a fabulous course that any true cyclist will want to ride, but make no mistake about it, this is not a
leisurely ride in the park, it is a CHALLENGE, however, the beauty and serenity that comes with it is well worth it.

Our tech experts have designed an app that shows you the exact route and gives you minute by minute turns
(there will be signs and Course Marshals too).
The app will also highlight water/food drop off locations, partnering businesses along the route,
partnering hotels and lots of other fun information.  It is a great tool to have.

We realize that not all riders will ride at the same pace, some will want to see how fast they can ride and
others will want to stop and enjoy the scenery (the rich history, fun towns and Great Lakes).
For that reason, we believe that groups will naturally form,
you don’t have to
ride with a group, but it does make the journey more enjoyable. 

There is no specific time that you have to be at the finish line.
We just want you to enjoy the experience how you see best.

Our goal is to give people from around the world the opportunity to come and enjoy all that
Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has to offer, in a challenging way. 

Come with friends, make some new ones or both, we welcome everyone.

Ride With Us Thursday, August 15 thru Saturday, August 24, 2019

Number Of Riders Is Limited, Register Today!

$300.00  For The First Section
$50.00  Each Additional Section


The USA Cycling website shows each section is $300, that is NOT correct. The first section you register for is $300 and each additional section is $50. When you check out, the cart adjusts the prices.

All Registered Riders Receive:

  • Tour Da Yoop, Eh Camo Rider Jersey *SEE FITTING GUIDE
  • Timing Chip Available Upon Request
  • Water Station & Food Bag Drop-Off During Each Section
  • Luggage Bag Drop-Off/Pick-Up At Select Hotels (TBA)
  • Discounts at Partnering Hotels and Local Businesses

USA Cycling Membership

All racers must be USA Cycling members in order to register for Tour Da Yoop. This event is being held under USA Cycling Permit #2019-864.

General Information

Packet Pick Up

All riders must check in the night before their first section or between 9am and 10 am on the day of their first section. Each section’s check in location TBA.

Daily Start Times

Riders must be at the start line 5 minutes before the official start time each day. Tour Da Yoop reserves the right to adjust start times and mileage.

Chipped Timing Available

If you would like to see how fast you ride a section you can request to be timed.


Helmets must be worn at all times while participating in Challenge of Da Yoop.

Luggage/Bag Pick Up & Drop Off

We will provide luggage pick up and drop off to select hotels for each section. All luggage must be CLEARLY labeled with your name. We will supply you with luggage tags that you must label with date of pick up/drop off, name of hotel picking up from and name of hotel it is getting dropped off at. Our goal is to have all luggage dropped off before you arrive to your hotel.

SAG Support

We will provide SAG support throughout the entire ride.

Feed Stations

Feed stations will be located approximately ½ way through each section. We will bring any food/drinks you have and drop them off at the Feed Station. Please have everything clearly marked with your full name.

First Aid

First Aid equipment will be located at the start line, food stations and finish line.


Event will be held rain or shine. Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has beautiful weather in August, but be prepared for some chilly nights too.

Bike Safety

Although we will be in areas with very little crime, we still encourage you to lock up your bikes. Leave them in your room or lock them on your car, whatever is best for you. Tour Da Yoop is not responsible for any lost or stolen equipment, clothing or any other items.


Be respectful of our beautiful Upper Peninsula. You may leave wrappers and trash at each feeding station, but you may NOT just drop it as you are riding.

Any racers caught littering will be given a time penalty.
That should tell you how serious we are about not littering.

Course Sections

Section 1. Thursday, August 15th
Manistique to Escanaba

Section 2. Friday, August 16th
Escanaba to Iron Mountain

Section 3. Saturday, August 17th
Iron Mountain to Ironwood

Section 4. Sunday, August 18th
Ironwood to Houghton/Hancock

Section 5. Monday, August 19th
Copper Harbor Loop

Section 6. Tuesday, August 20th
Houghton/Hancock to Marquette

Section 7. Wednesday, August 21st
Marquette to Grand Marais

Section 8. Thursday, August 22nd
Grand Marais to Sault Ste. Marie

Section 9. Friday, August 23rd
Sault Ste. Marie to St. Ignace

Section 10. Saturday, August 24th
St. Ignace to Manistique

See Course Info for information on each section.