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Friday, August 14, 2019
Section 10 – START
St. Ignace to Manistique
Difficulty Level 2

Total Miles: 103.68
Elevation Gain: 1,476 ft
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  • Perfect start to the race – mostly quiet beautiful roads
  • Couple of US2 sections
  • Small (couple mile) scenic gravel section near Gulliver
  • Fast finish along Lakeshore into downtown Manistique

Saturday, August 15, 2019
Section 1
Manistique to Escanaba
Difficulty Level 1

Total Miles: 90.75
Elevation Gain: 1,437 ft
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  • Fast, flat course
  • Beautiful scenic dips into the peninsula
  • Can see Escanaba across Little Bay de Noc around mile 60
  • Beautiful finish along the Bay, into town and into the park

Sunday, August 16, 2019
Section 2
Escanaba to Iron Mountain
Difficulty Level 7

Total Miles: 113.06
Elevation Gain: 2,175 ft
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  • Beautiful exit out of Escanaba into the country
  • Small gravel section (couple miles) along Cedar River
  • Great fast roads going west from Lake Michigan Arthur Bay
  • Rolling hills climbing north west into Iron Mountain

Monday, August 17, 2019
Section 3
Iron Mountain to Ironwood
Difficulty Level 10

Total Miles: 130.47
Elevation Gain: 5,745 ft
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  • Longest of the rides, excellent hills throughout
  • Possibly Michigan’s first roundabout in Alpha
  • Seemingly private roads for long stretches at a time
  • All effort steep climb toward the end

Tuesday, August 18, 2019
Section 4
Ironwood to Houghton/Hancock
Difficulty Level 6

Total Miles: 122.08
Elevation Gain: 3,770 ft
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  • Quick and flat exit out of town
  • Nothing but wilderness from Wakefield for at least 40 miles
  • Long climbs in the Porkies
  • Large rolling hills and then fast steep decline into Houghton

Wednesday, August 19, 2019
Section 5
Copper Harbor Loop
Difficulty Level 5

Total Miles: 116.45
Elevation Gain: 3,661 ft
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  • Wonderful combination of hills and flats along the lakeshore
  • Wonderful history throughout the ride
  • Could be at the mercy of Lake Superior on the way back to Hancock
  • Fast and easy finish after Lake Linden

Thursday, August 20, 2019
Section 6
Houghton to Marquette
Difficulty Level 8

Total Miles: 117.65
Elevation Gain: 5,322 ft
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  • Immediate super tough climb out of Houghton
  • 10 mile climb out of Lance, crest on a desolate road train tracks
  • A couple of gravel sections
  • Bumpy and challenging backwoods road around mile 82 for 5 miles

Friday, August 21, 2019
Section 7
Marquette to Grand Marais
Difficulty Level 3

Total Miles: 109.42
Elevation Gain: 3,163 ft
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  • Long and challenging climb out of Marquette
  • Then a fast ride all the way to Munising
  • Scenic rolling and winding hills
  • Super fast and clean finish into Grand Marais

Saturday, August 22, 2019
Section 8
Grand Marais to Sault Ste. Marie
Difficulty Level 9

Total Miles: 114
Elevation Gain: 2,375 ft
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  • Starting in Deer Park east of Grand Marais to avoid soft gravel
  • Strong climb to Oswald’s Bear Ranch
  • Then fast ride to Paradise followed by amazing lake views
  • Excellent entry into the Soo along the locks

Sunday, August 23, 2019
Section 9
Sault Ste Marie to St. Ignace
Difficulty Level 4

Total Miles: 118.56
Elevation Gain: 1,991 ft
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  • Fast exit out of town
  • Small gravel section around mile 14
  • Mostly flat, but at the mercy of the wind, more open ride than others
  • Excellent views of St. Mary’s River and then Lake Michigan