Volunteers Needed

Hundreds of volunteers are needed to make our Inaugural Tour Da Yoop Race & Tour Da Yoop Challenge rides successful.  

If you want to come help, if you want to be a part of something big, if you have the time and if you want to have some FUN, we encourage you to sign up to volunteer and help make Tour Da Yoop successful.  

Packet Stuffing – Tuesday, August 13th 5pm- 8 pm & Wednesday August 14th 2 pm – 5 pm

  • Organize complimentary supplies, jerseys, products, rider information and other important information into packets.
  • This will take place at the pre-event registration location in Manistique, exact location t/b/d.

Registration / Sign Set Up NEEDED DAILY

  • Help set up the registration area, tables, supplies and paperwork.  
  • Help set up signs so everyone knows where to go for registration, packet pick up, swag, and everything in between..

Registration / Packet Distribution NEEDED DAILY

  • Help distribute riders packets, jerseys and other important information.   

Production Box Set-Up NEEDED DAILY

  • Put together production boxes for Food/Water Stations, start and finish lines.  

Jack of All Trades Volunteer NEEDED DAILY

  • Help with anything that pops up last minute.  

Volunteer Leader NEEDED DAILY

  • We are looking for someone to oversee all volunteers, make sure they are in place and doing their job.  
  • Check on them to see if they need anything.  
  • Make sure they get breaks and lunch if necessary.   
  • Most of this can be done via radios, occasionally you may need to go check on them.

Start and Finish Line Aides NEEDED DAILY

  • Work with our event’ coordinator to get the start/finish areas ready. This will involve some heavy lifting, placing cones, barricades, sweeping corners of debris,

Course Marshals NEEDED DAILY

Below are the basic responsibilities of a Course Marshal, the officials will go over everything in greater detail at the meeting.   

    • You will be stationed where the race course crosses a highway or roadway.
      • These are typically areas such as: a pre-designated fork in the road, questionable turn, etc.
    • Your job is to be alert for incoming racers as well as oncoming traffic.
    • You will go onto the road way to slow and stop traffic for racers to pass through.
    • Direct the racers on the correct path
    • Safety first.
    • Encourage racers as they ride by.
  • If you have previously been a Course Marshal you do not need to attend any meetings.


  • Drive behind the Challenge Riders and assist them whenever necessary.  
  • You will need to have a vehicle large enough to transport a bike to the finish line if necessary.  
  • Experience in repairing bikes necessary.
  • We will supply you with tools to help riders, if you have any of your own tools we encourage you to bring those too.  
  • A list of what we will supply you with will be sent in your final confirmation email..
  • Valid Driver’s License Required.  


  • Drive slightly ahead of the riders and watch for traffic in odd places, notify Course Marshals when you will be at their location.
  • Valid Driver’s License Required.

Follow Driver  NEEDED DAILY

  • Follow all riders and make sure they are ok.  Don’t drive too fast and push the riders, keep a safe distance.
  • Valid Driver’s License Required. .  

Race Official Drivers NEEDED DAILY

  • Adult-age drivers are needed to drive race officials every day. You will be driving next to the action and get to see a race up front and personal.  Must be a driver and not get distracted easily.

Luggage Pick Up & Drop Off Driver NEEDED DAILY

  • Responsible for picking up riders’ luggage at designated hotels and bring to designated hotels at next section.  
  • Having a van, truck or better yet a UHaul is ideal to volunteering for this position, but not necessary.  
  • Valid Driver’s License Required.

Food/Water Station Volunteers NEEDED DAILY  – Great for groups of 4-5 that want to volunteer together

  • Transport materials from drop off zone at start of race to site of food/water station.
  • Set up canopy and organize supplies prior to racers arrival. Make sure there is enough space for bikes and that the water is as accessible as possible for racers.
  • Set up garbage bags and recycle bags
  • Arrange drop bags alphabetical order. This expedites the process of grabbing the drop bag as the racer is filling up their water bottle.
  • Once a drop bag has been used. Put that bag in the drop bag bins and bring to the finish line.  
  • Bring chairs.
  • One ALL riders have passed through (and the follow car has passed by), you may take down any set up you did.  
  • Make your aid station memorable. Have a theme, music, crazy costumes…make it unique. Make sure to bring yourself snacks, lunch, beverages, and a charged cell phone.
  • ENCOURAGE, ENCOURAGE, ENCOURAGE…your energy makes all the difference for the racers.
  • Leave NOTHING BEHIND. Tear down, clean up, and return all items to the finish point. LEAVE AREA CLEANER THAN WHEN WE ARRIVED

House a Rider or Two NEEDED DAILY

Tour Da Yoop is a 10 day long race/ride and hotels can get costly.  Anyone wishing to help out and allow a rider to stay with them for free could greatly help our event grow.  A lot of racers are young and having somewhere to sleep without worrying about costs would be a HUGE benefit.  

  • We ask that you provide them with sleeping space.  
  • Allow them use of a bathroom and refrigerator.  You don’t have to cook or supply them with means, but I’m sure it would be greatly appreciated.
  • Should close to the city riders are in starting in the next day.

Upon request, we can run a background check on any rider.

Yard Sign Distribution NEEDED DAILY

  • You would be responsible for picking up the yard signs from the event crew and placing throughout course.  
  • You will put out signs 2-3 days before the racers get to each section.  We will have the course marked where the signs need to go.
  • You need at least 2 people per car – 1 person to drive and stay in car, the other to put signs out.
  • We also ask that you inform the event director of any mishaps in the roads.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Time and location to pick up signs will vary by day.  You’ll be informed by email or text message exact details.  


Volunteers Can Ride For Free  

Anyone who volunteers more than 15 hours qualifies to participate in the Tour Da Yoop Challenge Ride for free.  Volunteer before or during the event, if you can give us 10 hours of your time, we will gladly give you the Challenge of a lifetime.    

Charities Can Make Some Money

Any charity that has more than 10 people volunteer for more than 4 hours each can qualify for a $200 donation.  Please email us at Kim@TourDaYoopEh.com

if you have a group interested in volunteering.

Everyone who volunteers before, during and after the event receives:

  • A free Tour Da Yoop, Eh T-shirt
  • Complimentary lunch or dinner on the day you are volunteering.   
  • Admission to the End of the Event Party.  Party will be held in Manistique on Saturday, August 24th.   

How to become a Tour Da Yoop Volunteer

  1. Pick a day/date that you are available to help out.
  2. Look over all the volunteer positions available and see what fits you best.  

We truly appreciate our volunteers support, enthusiasm and time.  Events like this can’t be successful without our volunteers.  If you would like to act as a goodwill ambassador for the event, please consider volunteering.