Are You Up For A Challenge??
We’ve Got One For You…
Tour Da Yoop

Thursday, August 15 through
Saturday, August 24, 2019
The Upper Peninsula, Michigan

TDY Goal

Our goal is to give you the ride of a lifetime in a challenging way.  We have developed a fabulous course that will give you a challenge while simultaneously allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the Yoop.

Come enjoy all that Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has to offer.

TDY Challenge

TDY’s Challenge to you is for you to ultimately complete all 10 sections of our course, over any length of time…1 year or 10 years, we simply want you to ride and enjoy all that the U.P. has to offer.

Just complete it.

About The Course

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (a.k.a the Yoop) is a bikers paradise and Tour Da Yoop is like no other.

  • We have established a phenomenal 10 section, 1,200 mile bike route that circles the entire Yoop, while riding on paved roads and off main highways as often as possible.  All road bikes are
  • On most of the sections you will see more wildlife than cars.
  • Each section offers beautiful views and exciting challenges.
  • Each section averages about 120 miles.
  • The sections are awesome, but they are not leisurely rides in the park, they are all a CHALLENGE.  However, the beauty, serenity and sense of accomplishment that comes with it is well worth it.

TDY Members

When you register to ride with Tour Da Yoop, you automatically become a member.

  • Members will have access to download their rides, keep track of the sections they’ve completed, chat with other TDY riders and much more.
  • Members of TDY that complete all 10 sections are eligible for our “Plaid Finisher’s Jersey”.   Aside from James, the course creator, no one else has completed all 10 sections.
  • Who will get the next Plaid Finisher’s Jersey?  Will it be you??

*Plaid Finisher’s Jersey must be purchased through TDY.

Come ride any of the sections with us August 15-24, 2019

Number Of Riders Is Limited, Register Today To Guarantee A Spot!

Pick Days

We offer 10 different sections to explore, each one has its own unique challenge to it, averaging about 120 miles per section.

Choose any number of days to ride 1, 2, 10 or any number in between.
Pick the sections and dates that fit your schedule best
and register for just those.

Porkies Loop

Our Porkies Cycling loop coincides with the Challenge of Da Yoop schedule, giving you 3 days of riding with the Challenge riders and a route back to your car on the 4th day.

Paradise Loop

Our Paradise Cycling Package coincides with the Challenge of Da Yoop schedule.  Your first day is a 100 mile to Grand Marias where you will meet up with the other Challenge riders.  The final 3 days you will be riding with the Challenge Riders.

Cruise It

We have the perfect trifecta:
Biking, Scenery & Pubs

For those that want to relax and enjoy the ride at a slower pace, we offer 2 separate bike bar crawls.

Section 1. Thursday, August 15th

Manistique to Escanaba
91 Miles

Section 2. Friday, August 16th

Escanaba to Iron Mountain
113 Miles

Section 3. Saturday, August 17th

Iron Mountain to Ironwood
131 Miles

Section 4. Sunday, August 18th

Ironwood to Houghton
122 Miles

Section 5. Monday, August 19th

Copper Harbor Loop
117 Miles

Section 6. Tuesday, August 20th

Houghton to Marquette
118 Miles

Section 7. Wednesday, August 21st

Marquette to Grand Marais
110 Miles

Section 8. Thursday, August 22nd

Grand Marais to Sault Ste. Marie
114 Miles

Section 9. Friday, August 23rd

Sault Ste. Marie to St. Ignace
119 Miles

Section 10. Saturday, August 24th

St. Ignace to Manistique
104 Miles

Saturday, August 17th

Section 3 of TDY
Iron Mountain to Ironwood
131 Miles

Sunday, August 18th

Section 4 of TDY
Ironwood to Houghton
122 Miles

Monday, August 19th

Section 5 of TDY
Copper Harbor Loop
116 Miles

Tuesday, August 20th

Houghton to Iron Mountain
70 Miles

Wednesday, August 21st

Manistique to Grand Marais
65 Miles

Thursday, August 22nd

Section 8 of TDY
Grand Marais to Sault Ste. Marie
114 Miles

Friday, August 23rd

Section 9 of TDY
Sault Ste. Marie to St. Ignace
119 Miles

Saturday, August 24th

Section 10 of TDY – LAST DAY OF TDY
St. Ignace to Manistique
104 Miles

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Ironwood, MI


Saturday, August 24, 2019

Manistique, MI

Buy Early & Save

Ride 1 section $300
Ride 2 Sections $350
Ride 3 Sections $400
Ride 4 Sections $450
Ride 5 Sections $500
Ride 6 Sections $550
Ride 7 or MORE Sections $600

Buy Early & Save

March 1 thru April 30 – $450
May 1 thru July 16 – $525
After July 16 – $600

Buy Early & Save

March 1 thru April 30 – $450
May 1 thru July 16 – $525
After July 16 – $600

Buy Early & Save

March 1 thru April 30 – $45
May 1 thru July 31 – $60
After August 1 – $70

Learn More About PICK YOUR DAYS
Learn More About CRUISE IT
Course Info
Course Info
Course Info
Course Info

All riders get free admission to the “Cyclebration” party on Saturday, August 24 in Manistique after TDY is complete



SAG Support will be provided by TDY.  If something happens to your bike we will do our best to fix it.  If your bike is not rideable, we will have support bring you to the next stop. We won’t leave you stranded in the middle of the U.P.   

Feed / Hydration Stations

Feed/Hydration stations will be located approximately ½ way through each section. We will bring any food/drinks you have to the stations for you

Luggage Pick Up & Drop Off

We are moving daily, luggage/bag pick up and drop off is available to all Riders.  There were will be designated pick up and drop off locations at each overnight stop. More info on exact locations coming soon.

How Do I get Back To My Car?

All loop package rides take you back to the spot you started.  

If you are picking your days (not riding one of the loop packages), we encourage you to use the cycling community and help each other out to get back to your cars.  That being said, if you are truly without a way to get back to your car, we will get you there somehow.

About Us

James Studinger, founder of Call of the Yooper and Tour Da Yoop, Eh has a vision – for people to “Reconnect With Nature”.   James is from the Upper Peninsula and wants as many people as possible to enjoy all that Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (aka the Yoop) has to offer. He’s hiked from Lake Superior to Lake Michigan through the middle of the Hiawatha National Forest, canoed from Lake Superior to Lake Michigan and everything in between.  In 2018 the course was plotted and experienced by a few lucky riders.

In 2018 James and M & R Events teamed up to bring you an experience of a lifetime.  We offer a 10 day 1,200 mile stage race along with individual section rides. The course goes around the entire perimeter of the U.P..  Not only is this one of the toughest rides you’ll ever do, it will be one of the most beautiful rides you’ll ever do. We invite you to get off the beaten path and experience something incredible, come see Michigan’s Upper Peninsula at it’s best.  

For Information About The Race or Ride Email:

For Information About The Course Email: