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Enjoy the daily ride, then enjoy the beauty of the U.P. Click to see some fun pictures

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The Coveted Plaid Finisher's Jersey

How many sections do you have to go to get your Plaid Finisher's Jersey?? Click to Find Out

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Cycling Packages

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Come See For Yourself Why Tour Da Yoop, Eh
is the B.E.S.T. Ride Around
B – Beautiful Scenery

Ride through adorable towns, see dozens of waterfalls and
see the Famous Pictured Rocks, just to mention a few highlights

E – Exhilarating Experiences

Enter a world of endless rolling hills, vibrant nature and first time experiences

S – Safe, Safe & Safer Roads

Did we mention how safe the roads are?
You Ride Miles and Miles without coming across any cars

T – Terrific Memories

Come with friends or come make new ones.
We have some of the BEST people on the planet ride with us.
We guarantee you’ll laugh a lot and take home memories for a lifetime

In 2019

We had riders from as close as Marquette and as far away as Germany join us.
We had leisurely riders as well as professional riders.
Some riders did 2-3 sections, some did all 10, WOW.
The memories and opportunities are endless.
Join us in 2020 for an experience you’ll never forget.



Finishing all 10 sections in 2 years was quite an accomplishment.  

The best part of TDY is all of the lovely people I have met along the way.

John Kriedel, 2nd person to complete all 10 sections of TDY

I am totally geeked about completing all 10 sections of TDY.  Every section is unique and special, the Porcupine Mountains were beautiful.  But my favorite part of TDY is meeting people from around the world who share the same passion as I do.

Lisa Graziano, 1st female and 3rd person to complete all 10 sections of TDY

I really enjoyed riding with my friends and meeting new people.  I can’t wait to come back next year.

Markus Legat, Is from Germany

The best part about TDY is meeting all these wonderful people and how they instantly become your friends.

Mary Connor, 5 Sections completed, 5 to go

The best part of TDY is the challenge, discovering you can do it and the camaraderie.

Deb Laurie

About The Course
Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is a Bikers Paradise

We have established a phenomenal 10 section, 1,200 mile
bike route that circles the entire Upper Peninsula.

Ride any section(s) you want, you don’t have to do all 10

We ride on paved roads and off main highways as often as possible.
All road bikes are perfect to ride all sections.

Each section offers beautiful views and exciting challenges.

About Us

James Studinger, founder of Call of the Yooper and Tour Da Yoop, Eh has a vision – for people to “Reconnect With Nature”.
James is from the Upper Peninsula and wants as many people as possible to enjoy all that Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (aka the Yoop) has to offer.
He’s hiked from Lake Superior to Lake Michigan through the middle of the Hiawatha National Forest,
canoed from Lake Superior to Lake Michigan and everything in between.

For More Information Email: Kim@TourDaYoopEh.com

TDY Challenge to You

Ultimately complete all 10 sections of our course, over any length of time…
1 year or 10 years, we simply want you to ride and enjoy all that the U.P. has to offer.

We offer various cycling packages, click on “Cycling Adventures” above